Every effort has been made to make the calculators as intuitive to use as possible. The presentation format has been made as consistent as possible for all the calculators.

Calculator Features:

1) Descriptions and visual representations have been provided. All the information you need is provided in the calculators. For the most part you do not need to reference conversion tables or other calculators.

2) Generally, values to be inputed are to the left of the table and values to be calculated are to the right of the table.

3) The calculator table also provide you with a choice of units to use whenever appropriate. For example, weight unit can be in grams, pounds, kilograms, tons, etc. A mix of units is also allowed. For example, one input may be in pounds and another input maybe in grams and the result may be in kilograms.

4) Generally, each row represents one set of inputs and results. You can have multiple sets of inputs and results. The "Add Rows" button allows you to add more rows of data entry fields. You can specify how many rows you need. The default value is one. Of course, you can also remove data rows if you do not need them. The bottom most entries are removed first. This feature is useful for creating tables. It also allows you to experiment and observe the relation between input and results.

5) One of the reasons for using the table format is to allow the user to "select", "copy", and "paste" the results table to the "Microsoft Excel" program. There you can add colors and change font styles. Also, you can graph your results in "Microsoft Excel".

6)We can make additional calculators according to your requests. We can also add calculators that are modifications of existing ones to suit your needs. Please email us at with your questions. Same day response.

7) We have made every effort to ensure the correctness of these calculators but we make no guarantees. We cannot be held responsible for any unfortunate consequences of using these calculators.

Roseller Sunga

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